Opening Chain

OPENING CHAIN promotes and broadcasts the blockchain technology


Promote open & accessible blockchain technology for individuals, startups and small and medium businesses

Empower blockchain transparency in business

Help blockchain digital ecosystem develop

Promote social inclusion through blockchain technology


Opening Chain is focus in three active areas:


Opening Chain tests ideas, concepts and initiatives to practice the applications of blockchain technology. The exploration is concreted collaborating with entities and professionals who develop and apply disruptive blockchain projects.


Opening Chain connects individuals and organizations interested in disclosing blockchain, from technological development to the applications in economic sectors.


Opening Chain advises professionals, non-profit organizations, small and medium businesses and public institutions, combining learning and services, to adapt blockchain technology in their businesses and activities.

Crypto Escrow Monitoring Service

The Crypto Escrow Monitoring Service (CEMS) offers public reporting, publishing and monitoring of escrowed multi-sing cryptocurrency accounts controlled by a third party, usually start-ups, and Inlea Foundation. CEMS provides transparency, verification and safe for start-ups’ investors, shareholders and token holders.

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The company Blocktech Services LLC has contracted the Opening Chain Public BuyBacks for Pungo Token holders.

Pungo Token

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What Pungo Token is?

Pungo token is the digital token that Peer2group uses to empower our users to interact with our products, while facilitating the distribution and sharing of rewards and benefits to Pungo token holders. Pungo token is issued in a fixed, finite, noninflational amount by Blocktech Services LLC (from now on referred to as the Company) registered […]

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Blockchain: The future of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has been the Holy Grail for all tech engineers around the world. It has been the dream of many tech engineers to get a job at Google or Facebook; but with the appearance of Blockchain, there is a whole new wave of believers that are changing that dream for a much newer and […]

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Opening Chain in European Blockchain Convention

European Blockchain Convention is happening and we are elated to be part of it. It will be taking place on November 29 in Barcelona in the most important European convention to build blockchain and the digital economy.

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