Blockchain: The future of Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley has been the Holy Grail for all tech engineers around the world. It has been the dream of many tech engineers to get a job at Google or Facebook; but with the appearance of Blockchain, there is a whole new wave of believers that are changing that dream for a much newer and promising one in the world of blockchain.

The truth is, before 2017 everyone, including the top engineers in Silicon Valley, took blockchain as a huge scam. But after the explosion of bitcoin, and other crypto currencies, suddenly the whole concept of blockchain began to entice people and more people became interested in understanding the possibilities and future of it.

By the beginning of 2018 everyone at Silicon Valley was talking about blockchain as a fast growing promising sector.

Now the question remained whether or not it was worth it to take the risk and jump into a very young incipient developing sector and give up a dream opportunity in one of the major big companies already well established at Silicon Valley.

But it happened. More and more professionals decided to take the step and jump into blockchain projects motivated by the amazing revenue they have had through their investments in crypto currencies.

As a matter of fact, these new acquisitions in the blockchain sector only mean that it is going to grow and progress. Those who are pushing away from the established companies in Silicon Valley, are challenging the status quo over there and making waves throughout the technology sector.

Actually, there are very interesting reports pointing out the growing amount of search and job opportunities for professionals related to cryptocurrency, being blockchain developers one of the fastest growing job opportunities at the moment. For example, according to the information given by Glassdoor, close to two thousand job positions related to blockchain were available in 2018 only in USA. This means that the market for these emerging professionals is multiplying every single year.

But individuals aren’t the only ones paying attention to blockchain technology now; big tech companies are starting to pay attention as well.

It is well known that companies like Facebook, Google, and the like are developing specific teams that are conducting research and developing plans to join the blockchain ranks. It will be much more difficult for these companies to create their own cryptocurrency, because of their size and business model. Nevertheless, these companies will find their way into the blockchain market, and will need to do so if they want to keep up with how fast the movement is moving forward.

Before we rely on Facebook for a new cryptocurrency, we should keep our eyes on the new blockchain projects that still have the flexibility to evolve and move as fast as the cryptocurrency world moves, such as Ethereum, STEEM, and Ripple to name a few. These smaller companies will have a larger impact in how blockchain technology will develop.

So, does that mean that we are about to see the end of Silicon Valley as we know it? Well no. Most likely, what we will see is an evolution of Silicon Valley. New smaller projects that will be supported by bigger investors, big established companies that will work on new models more decentralized to match the growing blockchain sector.

What is for sure now is that blockchain is here to stay and it has only started to change things. So keep your options open, do your research, and discover how you can get in on it.