Opening Chain in European Blockchain Convention


European Blockchain Convention is happening and we are elated to be part of it.

It will be taking place on November 29 in Barcelona in the most important European convention to build blockchain and the digital economy.

This event will present an excellent selection of international speakers that during the whole day will go deep on the impact of crypto currency and digital economy in today’s business world.

“Companies have applied technology to centralize and own their data and services. Blockchain forces us to unlearn what has been applied for the last 100 years” says Xavier Simó, our CEO who will also be part of the discussion “The New Paradigm: Decentralization of Industries”, one of the panels during the convention.

We are not only proud to be present in one of the panels, but we are also part of the supporting organizations behind this event. It will definitely be a strong start of solid analyzing and communication on blockchain in the European market.

We also expect the European Blockchain Convention to become a meeting point of the most relevant companies and experts in Europe on the matter; and a great opportunity to create strong business connections.

This convention is a great opportunity for professionals and companies that want to get ahead on the current tendencies and learn more about how the future of business and the economy is going to look.

Find all the information about the European Blockchain Convention on the website: