Pungo Token

The company Blocktech Services LLC has contracted the Crypto Escrow Monitoring Service to Overview, monitor & provide a transparency service for Pungo Token Holders.

The accumulated revenues in different businesses that contractor provides are checked and reviewed by Inlea Foundation as a guarantee that the Funds are correctly accumulated and into the Public Buyback Fund accounts. Within the next few months, multisignature accounts will be set up to provide additional security on Public Buyback Fund.

Opening Chain also monitors and publishes in a monthly manner the Pungo Token (PGT) hold by the company and how the PGT are used and distributed. Making all this information available for the general public.

Current month report

Company holdings
Reason Amount Address
Sold & Distributed tokens 1.776.653,93
Unsold tokens 5.429.936,40
Hold for marketing & Partnerships 30% 2.488.966,99

Burn Address 200.000,00
Total Tokens 10.000.000,00

Buyback Fund

Inlea Foundation publishes monthly the origin, amount and cryptocurrency of all deposits of Pungo Token Public Buyback Fund, deposited into the escrow account, with the corresponding address and US Dollars value.

As a summary of deposits and withdrawals from the Pungo Token Public Buyback Fund, the next table, named Balance, is the current balance of its escrow account, detailing on the various cryptocurrencies and their values in US Dollars.

In this January 2019 report, comparing with the previous month one, 254.000 PUNGO were distributed in December 2018: 200.000 Komodo airdrop and 53.842,33 bounties for app download & community collaboration.

Total amount Amount Token Address Unitary price (USD) Value USD Value at
December Consolidation 2.173,17 KMD $ 0,85 $ 1.847,20 31/12/2018
Total Buyback Fund $ 1.847,20
Origin Amount Token Address Unitary price (USD) Value USD Value at
Komodo Notary Nodes 285,00 KMD $ 0,85 $ 242,25 01/01/2019
Cash & Krd 0.2% Revenue 16,82 EUR Pending $ 1,15 $ 19,35 01/01/2019
Total Deposits $ 261,60
Reason Amount Token Address Unitary price (USD) Value USD Value at
Total Withdrawals $ 0,00
Pungo Token Price: $ 0,0012130185